3 comments on “Silverstream, Part Three

  1. Wow, the concept sounds pretty good. I’m not a big fan of Star Wars games, but I can see how this game could be something that many players would want to play. As proven by the modern Prince of Persia games, Assassins Creed series and Mirror’s Edge, free-roaming and acrobatics have their share of the gaming market.

    I like how you managed to tone-down the Force-powers and Lightsaber battle. Especially the new Force Unleashed games seem to make Force even further to a scifi magic that can do almost everything.

    Maybe you could send your ideas to someone from LucasArts and push your luck?

    Seriously, though, I think that this is the most well-thought-out Star Wars game that I’ve ever seen. You should pitch it somewhere or find people to help you make it – you do a Kickstarter for a game like this, and I think you’d find a LOT of people willing donate money.
    I certainly would.

  3. Thanks for the comments! Good to know this idea has found hold in other minds as well.

    Due to Star Wars licensing hassle, I’m probably not going to get this made any time soon. If I did start pushing Silverstream, I’d probably first write a short story about the themes and plot of the game, then get a small crew to work on a simple prototype for the game, and finally start a petition to show LucasArts that there are people who’d like to play the game. In best case scenario they would give me money and a deadline to make the game. In the worst case scenario, they install their own developers and butcher the idea into another Force Unleashed. Which no-one needs to see.

    But who knows what the future will hold. Perhaps I’ll make friends with someone important and Silverstream will see the light of day.

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