2 comments on “Streamlined inventory

  1. The only real problem I have with your hypothetical game is with money. I understand your choise of giving money away only as a reward for quests, but it makes the game a bit more tight on the budget. If the amount of money is fixed, it means that the player needs to be very cautios with buying stuff. One simple solution would be that the only way of getting money (besides quests of course) would be to sell the ingredients that the enemies drop. This way the players have to ponder on whether they need to sell their precious ingredients to afford for example a new recipe, or save the ingredients to make bombs they need to get through the next quest. This also makes the handling of money more interesting, because of just relying on quest rewards, players might need to rely on other resources to pay their purchases.

    • I hate selling mechanics. It always ends up with the player running around grinding money. And grinding money would mean inflation in any sensible economy.

      I want the player to feel the bite of a budget. I want the player to witness all the tasty treats in the glass window, knowing that they can only have one. Plus, hoarding all the money in the game would be a great achievement.

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