2 comments on “Temporal stasis

  1. I was wondering about why you haven’t been updating for a while. Good to hear that you’re back.

    While I agree with your point about TPKs, I’d like to point out that there is a big “school of roleplaying” that character deaths are part of the challenge of the game. And I do admit that in your Worldsword-campaign I enjoyed having various characters throughout the story, even if the sudden departure of few of them was quite dissatisfactory. Nonetheless, my last character was my favourite and probably even one of the best characters I’ve had. Without having the rest of them die, I wouldn’t have had the chance to play that character.

    • As I stated in my disclaimer, I do see and understand the reasons and situations where deaths are appropriate. In Worldsword, I remember thinking at some point “It would be cool if all the original characters die at some point, so that the quest is finished by a completely different cast. Like torch-bearers in the Olympics.” Thus I was prepared for eventual deaths. In Dark Heresy, I acknowledged that my character will probably die/go insane/be corrupted beyond salvation. I even started to do some side businesses with Adeptus Mechanicus that would certainly be my doom if found out, so I am also prepared for that eventuality. It’s the random, you-slip-and-break-your-skull-moments that irritate me to no end, since they serve no purpose.

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