One comment on “Roleplaying a surprise

  1. As you probably know, I am quite adamant supporter of the immersion-style school of roleplaying. Especially in LARPs I tend to lose myself into the character, thinking more about my actions through their point of view. But that being said, sometimes there are situations that require us to act in a way that creates a better narrative/story/game rather than let us immerse in the character.

    In the context of Tabletop RPGs, this means that sometimes we (the players) have to make our characters do things they wouldn’t necessarily do, in order to make the story and the game progress. So I do understand your point of view, and I do so occasionally. But personally I feel that I get most out of the game if I can get into the “zone” of thinking as I was the character I am playing. Thus I feel that a big surprise such as the death of my mentor would be more interesting if not revealed beforehand. But, even if I did know that, I think I would be able to forget this kind of meta-information since I go through the event as if I was living it.

    But this was an interesting story, and I’d really like to get play again soon.

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