2 comments on “Back from Ropecon

  1. Were you in the Demoroom running BoB? Was there any traffic and how did the demostrations go? Did you also sell Banners in the same room? If so, how many copies did you sell?

    I’m just interested as a comparison to demonstrating roleplaying games in Demoroom and selling them in Kaubamaja. My gut-feeling is that sales in Demoroom are next to non-existent, but maybe you can give us some hard facts.

    • Demoroom’s organisation was screwed up a bit. The schedule was not in the handbill and the room was in a quite obscure location, meaning that only a few people found it. I only managed to find 3 new people to play Banners while I was there. Probably a good thing for my personal health, since my voice ran out every day.

      As for sales, I was warned not to sell anything without a permit, so I did not. I directed interested people to gamesandtales.com and TheGameCrafter.

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