2 comments on “Equal rights

  1. While I could start promoting other games that handle combat in one roll (Grim Harvest does a similar thing actually), I’d rather comment on your system. There is one significant issue with it at the moment, although one could call it a feature rather than a bug. More than one per ten rolls ends up in a “absurd” situation as described above. 2/10 chance per Time Roll and 1/10 chance per Environmental Roll will create plenty of absurd situations during each game, although it could be an interesting idea to make a game based on these absurdities. Whenever someone wants to do something, there is a chance that it takes almost no time and makes an absurd impact on the world.

    On another note, maybe using something like “if you roll doubles then it is an absurd impact” rather than having it happen in one per ten rolls.

  2. It’s about minigames.

    A lot of games have a basic resolution mechanic, and a separate minigame for some particular bit of interest. “Leveling up” or “Advancing” is a minigame in and as itself…

    This particular minigame is often interesting to players, so it’s given more detail. Solar System / The Shadow of Yesterday uses a single-roll resolve, potentially for entire wars – unless the players want to go into the details.

    This observance and adjustment of detail level is… handy, to say the least.
    The important thing is, what are the players’ intentions? Consider a DnDish random encounter between fantasy characters and a bunch of bandits – both groups intend to beat up the other and take their stuff.

    So — the players roll an opposed “beat them up and take their stuff” roll, and the situation is done.
    If the players lose, then we might give them an opportunity to go blow-by-blow – but then they’re risking their lives…. and even the attack/defense pairs can be elaborated further.

    When a player tells “I attack”, you can press for more information – how does he attack? what is the goal of this attack? Disarm? Intimidate? Disable? Kill the opponent? Kill them how? Slice an artery open? Stab a vital organ? One might even penalize a player who doesn’t care, and is just blindly swinging their weapon. Naturally, at this point we’re in the ring – at a martial arts or boxing movie level of detail…. but, really, Rocky was a two-hour movie about a single one-on-one fight.

    But, BUT – you can still use the same skills and conflict resolution – we’re just observing each little bit of high-risk action at a high level of detail.

    (In fact, on a combat focused game, simply increasing the detail and skill count does the trick – instead of a ‘combat’ skill, one might have ‘melee’ and ‘ranged’… and then, ‘swords’, ‘polearms’, ‘unarmed’, ‘bows’, ‘guns’… and even further, perhaps even separate skills for offense and defense, maybe separating avoidance, block, parry, dodge, from each other… )

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