2 comments on “Sacred

  1. Solar system ( a pnp game ) is moderately clever with this. It allows a character to pick Keys which declare game events, and these are the ones which give EXP.

    For an example, you could have a “key of stealth”, where you gain EXP every time you avoid being spotted, or you could have a key of hacking, which gives XP from just that – you can buy more keys with advancements.

    And viola: The player ends up stealthing and hacking in the game.

    • Hmm. In the pnp world, the danger is the players running after XP and not what makes sense to their characters at any given moment. Storyteller’s Aspiration system handles it well; Players get 3-4 aspirations at the beginning of each session: A short-term aspiration, which can be handled in the session, a long-term aspiration which might take several sessions, and a meta-aspiration, which is what the player would like to happen. The aspirations drive the character towards his goals, the meta-aspiration gets them into interesting situations (usually the aspiration is detrimental to the character, “get injured” is one of my favourites) and they change to keep the game fresh.

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