3 comments on “Supposed to be anything

  1. But weren’t the people in your group just expressing their personal opinion? I guess they didn’t stop you from making a no-fun game, they just said they didn’t like it and didn’t wish to design such games. I don’t think you can blame people for disliking no-fun games.

    So when people are saying that “games are supposed to be fun” I think they are actually saying “I like, buy and play only fun games”. That’s okay, since they are not the only market and audience there is. I think it’s more fruitful to serve the audience, who agrees with you than try to change peoples’ minds.

    • Yes, I have no problem with people liking and playing fun games. It’s as good as hobby and reason as any. Players can also be anything.

      But it is the pervasive attitude behind game design lectures and game business that only fun games sell = only fun games should be made. I don’t know, it might be true, but if we raise new designers with this attitude, then we are going to be missing out on all types of games for a long time.

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